Covid Information Page 

 23/09/2020 Home Work and Home Learning Information for Parent/Carer
 23/09/2020 Information for Parents Healthy School Meals & Pack Lunches
 21/09/2020 Relationships Education & Health Education Information
 21/09/2020 RSE Primary School Guidance for Parents  
 18/09/2020 Letter from Leeds City Council for Parents  
 18/09/2020 Whole School Newsletter
 17/09/2020 A Quick Guide for Parents / Carers re: Covid -19 Absence
 14/09/2020 Whole School Newsletter
 11/09/2020 Information from Leeds City Council regarding Testing  09/09/2020 Start to the New Year - Keeping the Community Safe
 07/09/2020 Welcome Back Whole School Newsletter  07/09/2020 Primary Schools What Parents Need to Know
 07/09/2020 School Streets Information   07/09/2020 Primary Schools Newsletter from West Yorkshire Police
 17/07/2020 End of Year Newsletter  07/09/2020 Covid-19 Risk Assessment for return 9th September
 15/07/2020 Dinner Grab Bag Menus for September Reopening  07/09/2020 Front Page Covid-19 Risk Assessment
 07/07/2020 Wish List and Reading Books  15/07/2020 Covid-19 Update Reopening School in September
 19/06/2020 Staffing Structure & Classes from September
 18/06/2020 Children's Centre Councelling Service Information
 04/05/2020 Staffing Information for Parents'
 20/04/2020 ClassDojo Information

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If you wish paper copies of any of our letters, please call the office to request a copy. Thank you