Our Curriculum


We closely follow the National Curriculum to ensure that our pupils are taught the fundamentals. We look to meet the specific needs of our own pupils by providing learning that takes into consideration their context and their life experiences. We believe we have a curriculum that is right for the pupils of Woodlesford.

Our curriculum aims to engage and inspire learners by providing them with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed. Highly stimulating topics, a rigorous iterative approach, and a clearly sequenced build up means that our curriculum is accessible to all. 
Our approach is ambitious as we understand the need for children to retain knowledge and build upon prior learning. We aim to prepare each pupil with the necessary attributes they need for the next step in their academic journey. 

Our aim is to create independent learners who love a challenge and who are ready for KS3.

What do we teach at Woodlesford? 

English (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting, Phonics)
Physical Education  
Modern Foreign Languages   
Design Technology
Religious Education Our subjects are always taught discretely as we feel that this approach ensures our pupils gain real knowledge and skills through appropriate experiences. We do however recognise the important of making schematic links and how this can support the embedding of knowledge. Where links are made, we do not look for tenuous links in learning. For example, in our History topic in Year where pupils explore Romans, they also go on to look at a piece of Roman art. We believe this will support their understanding further.  

We have a 1-year cycle which allows each pupil to cover the full curriculum before they move onto the next phase. This approach ensures a secure buildup of knowledge and skills in each key phase. We have adopted this approach to ensure that we create better learners who know and remember more. 

 Nursery Long Term Plan                                         Year 3 Long Term Plan

 Reception Long Term Plan                                       Year 4 Long Term Plan

 Year 1 Long Term Plan                                            Year 5 Long Term Plan

 Year 2 Long Term Plan                                            Year 6 Long Term Plan

We grow together, we learn together, we achieve together.