Getting Ready For Nursery & Reception 2020


We are delighted that your child will be joining our school’s Reception or Nursery classes in September. We are looking forward to getting to know them, and in some cases, continuing to get to know them.

Starting school should be a happy and exciting time for both your child and for you. We know that you will have lots of questions to ask us and I hope the information below, and to follow, will answer at least some of your questions.  With the uncertainty of how September will look, we will do our very best to make you and your child ready for the start of their new school year.


Please be aware that due to the current situation things are subject to change, but you will be kept up to date and any changes will appear here on the website. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome Message for our Reception Children from your Teachers

Welcome Message for our Nursery Children from your Teachers

Our Reception Classroom

 Welcome to our Nursery Powerpoint 2020-2021

Our Nursery Classroom

 Welcome to our Reception Powerpoint 2020-2021

 I am getting Ready for Nursery & Reception  Transition Passports
 Summer Holiday Home Learning Pack for Reception   Websites for Transition over Summer
 Summer Holiday Home Learning Pack for Nursery  I Can Poster
 Nursery Booklet 2020-2021   Book List to Support Summer Transition 
 Reception Booklet 2020-2021  Annual Registration Document
 Staff Profile Booklet 2020-2021  Evidence Me Information & Form
 03/07/2020 Introduction to Nursery & Reception Letter

 We achieve together, we learn together, we succeed together