ArtS curriculum

At Woodlesford Primary School we have endeavoured to create an environment in which children can express themselves through the arts in a variety of ways. We are dedicated to ensuring that children can reach their full potential when it comes to arts subjects and we are committed to ensuring that the arts are recognised and utilised as a tool for aiding and assisting learning across the curriculum. Here, we recognise the importance of music and thus there is fantastic provision for children to engage in extra- curricular activities (we also have art, dance and drama after school clubs). There are many opportunities for children to participate in musical workshops, internal and out- of- school concerts and exams as well as weekly instrumental tuition. Woodlesford Primary School is fortunate, in that we have a number of talented visual artists working within school who are happy to demonstrate their passion for art and who are willing to devote time and energy into providing quality art experiences for children. This is achieved through arts clubs, events and competitions. We use outside agencies to give children the chance to work alongside experts and so children have enjoyed drama workshops and professional performances.


School displays

We are very proud of the displays created by the children. They illustrate our cross curricular links to other subjects and our passion for art. 

Ten Pieces Music at Woodlesford Primary School – here we use the ten pieces to open up the world of classical music to children. We are keen to inspire the children to develop imaginative and creative responses to the music alongside learning about the musical elements. Music is an effective stimulus for learning that can be used to enhance learning across the curriculum.


Y1 – The children in Year one have been learning about by Vaughn Williams and listening to a piece called ‘Lark ascending’. During this topic children listen critically to the music and identify high and low notes. They discuss the dynamics of the piece and create their own animal soundscapes.

Y2 –Through listening and group discussion, the children in year 2 work collaboratively to create a story inspired by the Benjamin Britten piece ‘Storm’.  This story is transformed into a storyboard in the form of a series of paintings created by the class. They then use the paintings to make an imovie with ‘Storm’ as the musical backdrop. Children enjoy creating their own storm composition using classroom and body percussion. This links well with their geography topic all about Captian Cook.

Y3 – Year 3 enjoy being inspired by Stravinski’s Firebird. This topic develops children’s ability to recognise dynamics in music and explore crescendo and diminuendo. Children will listen to the piece and identify louder and quieter parts. Children will listen to examine the texture of the piece.– which different instruments are playing at the same time? Children use their understanding to help with composition using a range of tuned and percussion instruments.  


Y4 – Year 4 children learn all about the different parts of the orchestra and how they can be distinguished from one another. They focus on the horns section and indulge in an exploration of ‘Horn concerto’ by Mozart. They examine the structure of the piece and using glockenspiels and xylophones, children relish the opportunity to compose their own musical compositions inspired by Mozart.

Y5 – The science topic of Earth and Space is brought to life through the exploration of Holst’s Mars during music sessions. The first piece in his ‘Planets’ suite, represents the Roman god of war ‘Mars’. Children enjoy investigating the rhythms and beats, improvising and developing rhythmic and melodic patterns.

Y6 – Year 6 children explore composition using tuned instruments and  percussion through investigating the work of Modest Mussorgsky and his piece, ‘Night on a bare mountain.’  The children use their experiences of Northumberland combined with the piece to produce a story based on the idea of a party of evil in the forest at night.


Golden Art Club - some recent art work 

Thanks to the Artemis resource centre, all teachers in school were able to access and explore a vast range of visual artworks. These pieces were used to display school and in our classrooms. As part of our topic planning, we used a piece of artwork as a stimulus for art and other curriculum areas. This project had a positive impact on children’s learning across the curriculum.


The staff and children at Woodlesford enjoyed organising and performing at a St Gemma’s fundraising event held at school for staff, children, parents, carers and the wider community. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our talented choir.

Rob Bradley- rapper and ‘That poetry bloke’(Craig)

During book week, the Arts team at Woodlesford were determined to incorporate the arts. The children in Key Stage One had the time of their lives while being entertained by Craig or as he preferred to be called ‘That poetry bloke’. He sang songs and entertained them with rhymes while inspiring them to write poetry and songs. In years 3 and 4 rapper Rob Bradley wowed the children with his lyrical skills. They enjoyed working collaboratively to write rap and poetry in such an engaging way. 


Mrs Golden's  Y6 art group

Mrs Golden has been working alongside a group of children in year six to produce some magnificent pieces of artwork. These pieces have inspired some impressive work in literacy and the children have benefitted greatly from the experience which has brought fictions and mythical characters to life!


We achieve together, we learn together, we succeed together