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Year 5 have enjoyed designing and baking their own bread rolls. They showed fantastic baking skills and created some great flavour combinations."

Year 5 discovered the delights of York and its chocolate heritage.

We visited this City as part of our Literacy topic.

Our DT topic was to design and make a moving toy with a mechanism. Come and see our wonderful creations

Andy Goldsworthy inspired us to create sculptures in the outdoors  using nature. What an amazing opportunity to have a frosty day. Magical!

We have been learning about Monet and the Impressionist Movement. Artists loved to paint outdoors looking at light and dark created by the sun and the weather. It wasn't easy carrying everything outside but the outcomes were fantastic!

Year 5 have been having a great time this term having ukele lessons

Year 5 residential to Herd Farm - just a few picture memories.