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Science Day – Wednesday 10th July

On Wednesday, we had a science day in Year 4 it was great! We looked at the different types of teeth and the parts of the digestive system. We even had a visit from a local dentist, Mr Nichols from Garforth, who told us a lot more information and gave us many useful tips for when we brush our teeth. All the children made toothpaste in groups which then had an opportunity to try. They were all so enthusiastic to brush their teeth with their own toothpaste which produced some very interesting faces.

Healthy Eating Week (Week 10th -17th June)
We have been really busy in Year 4, designing our own lunch boxes based on a balanced diet. But also thinking about what the benefits are to each food group. The children have also been looking at a variety of drinks trying to estimate which they thought had the most sugar. We have also had the opportunity to try lots of different fruits from strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes. This then led to an interesting discussion about if a tomato was a fruit or vegetable. We have even tried lots of different fruit to infuse our water with limes and lemons.

Maths - Shape Investigations

In Maths, we have began investigating the properties of different shapes. After our shape hunt we learnt that there are three different types of triangle including equilateral, scalene and isosceles.

After looking at the different triangles, we were ready for our next challenge. The quadrilateral challenge! The children had to work in small groups and they had to cut four 4 cm straws and four 6 cm straws to see how many different quadrilaterals they could make. We managed all sorts of quadrilateral from squares to trapeziums and even arrowheads. We didn't stop there we even looked at what the total perimeter of each shape was.

Another Update from Y4

We woke to the sound of the birds and the sun peaking through the mist at Herd Farm this morning. After breakfast it was straight into a full, fun packed day of activities. The children have been fantastic, eating well, learning new skills,  supporting each other to succeed and conquering their fears. A camp fire, songs, toasted marshmallows and a movie will complete another amazing day! Year 4

An update from Herd Farm residential

It's been an action packed, eventful first day at herd farm. We started off with orienteering which tested the children's map reading skills, then they attempted to make their own beds. We then had a delicious home cooked meal which the children really enjoyed!! 
This evening we set off on our evening walk where we saw the set of emmerdale and some friendly cows. The children enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits and some chill out time before bed. They are all super excited about another fun day ahead tomorrow!

In English we have been writing explanation texts based on Wallace and Grommits cracking contraptions.  The children have written some fantastic explanations and have also designed and made their own contraption bookmarks.  There are a few pictures for you to see but these will be coming home soon. 


The children thoroughly enjoyed the M and M production of Wizard of Oz and it created lots of opportunities for learning in our classrooms.  In PSHE the children spoke about a time when they had to be brave like the lion and the picture shows some of the bookmarks they decorated.  In English the children acted as news reporters, after researching they wrote and presented their own news reports.  

Year 4 have been learning about 'Fractions' using various methods including dividing bread slices.

YEAR 4 have been working hard creating in Numeracy lessons