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Healthy Eating Week 10th -17th June

On Tuesday Year 3 have been sharing new, fresh and yummy food. This is one of the exciting events for Healthy Eating Week.

Year 3 as part of their computing lessons have been using the programme Kodu

In Science we have been learning about skeletons and how muscles work. We have been doing exercises to identify muscles in our bodies. Year 3

Year 3 having been learning French and labeling various objects in class..

In Year 3 we are starting to learn the fascinating programming Kodu game It was fun because we could move Kodu around. By Annie & Fred

In Year 3 we have been sketching breathtaking pictures in the style of L.S. Lowry, using pencil and charcoal. We added lots of detail in our work to make it better. When we finished our outstanding pictures, the teachers made them into calendars. We also looked at beautiful water colours and some children used these for their final pictures. They looked amazing! By Fred & Annie

Year 3 recently had some experience in Iron Age excavations. 

In Year 3 we have been learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In just a week we have done some brilliant activities for History, Art and DT. We did some rotations and there were clay houses, pastel cave paintings, a comprehension sheet, stone age fact booklets and making a stone age fruit stew. We got very messy but everything turned out great and we learnt a lot! By Fred & Annie