Our Nursery - Modern Curriculum, traditional values.

Our very well established and popular Nursery has been at the heart of our vibrant village school for many years. 

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Our Summer 1 topic: Change

In our new topic of ‘Change’ we have been reading the story of Jaspers Beanstalk, Jack and the beanstalk and Titch. Children have enjoyed singing the days of the week song and retelling and acting out the story, especially pretending to the giant!! We have also been comparing sizes, both in our plants and ourselves! 




We enjoy exploring our environment both indoors and out. Below shows a range of photographs displaying a range of the opportunities on offer in Nursery.



Our RSPB Visit

The children really enjoyed our recent visit from the RSPB. The topic of ‘Sensing the world’ gave children the opportunity to explore their senses in our school garden. We had lots of fun colour matching items in the garden to our colour card, making hedgehog food, listening to the birds and smelling the herbs. We saved our tasting until we got back into class where we sampled our school grown rhubarb!!




We were very excited to have a delivery of Duck eggs. We carefully watched the eggs hatch together as a class, one hatched whilst we were reading the story ‘Come on Daisy’, needless to say we called our first duckling Daisy!! We observed the changes and discussed what the ducklings needed to grow and how to keep both them and us healthy whilst they were visiting our Nursery. This helped us reinforce good hygiene and hand washing after touching the ducklings.


The nursery rhyme ‘5 little ducks went swimming one day’ became a favourite to sing to the ducklings, especially whilst they took their first swim. This experience provided us with further colour mixing opportunities, as we began to draw and paint our ducklings. Some children enjoyed making other representations of them from playdoh too.  Watching the eggs hatch, seeing the ducklings running around on the floor and their first swim, was a special experience for all. Mrs Wood (one of our teachers at school )has re-homed the Ducklings and we get regular duck updates which the children love to hear and see!!! Thank you Mrs Wood! 



Mark making

In Nursery we love to mark –make, both inside and out, usually the messier the better!! We explore on large and small scale to develop our motor control. Early mark- making exploration is vital for early writing. We warm up every morning with a ‘Wake up, Shake up’ session and participate in a funky fingers activity too.  All of this helps to develop our gross and fine motor skills, ready for mark -making and writing.




Our remarkable and extensive grounds cannot be seen from the road, it is a bit like a secret garden! We do urge you to visit, to see our established and award winning School Garden, the willow weaving,  storytelling chair area, mud kitchen, adventure playground and sports fields. The children are so lucky to have all these facilities and Nursery of course have full access.


We are taking applications now for our September 2019 waiting list and still have a few slots available this year. We are working hard to meet local need and we look forward to meeting you and being part of the first steps your child makes in their education in our lovely history- filled village school.

If you would like more information or to look around, please contact school on 0113 3934416. 



Early Years Booklet for Parents by 4Children in association with the DFE

We are quite often asked by parents what they can do to help their child's education and development. Sometimes we are asked about what a typical child of their age should be able to do. 4Children in conjunction with the DFE have brought out a booklet for parents that clearly and concisely answers these questions. It can be downloaded here:-


We would strongly recommend parent to download this booklet as it is many parents find it an excellent way to find out more about your child's learning. 

“This booklet is fantastic and will really help me know how well my child is developing and learning.”40-60 mths How


“I have spent ages on Google trying to find out if Katie is where she should be – this is great!”40-60 mths What


We do have a paper copy in school for you to have access to before and after school.

'As you know, being a parent is very special and amazing as you watch your child grow up. It can also have challenges. We hope this booklet will help you to know how your child is developing by highlighting what to expect, remembering that all children are different.'  4children booklet

Below, a short video showing typical activities in our nursery.

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