What we have achieved....

The PTA committee inherited a great reputation for helping the school out with raising funds to help the school and its pupils benefit from a variety of items - outdoor classroom, ipads, sport kits etc...

Our current target is that by the end of this school year to raise £25,000  towards the cost of 2 new mini buses. This will help keep the cost of school trips down, as in many cases there is no need to hire a coach. We aim to do this through organising or helping out on a number of events for parents, carers and pupils with the emphasis always being on everyone having a good time.

Co-op community award

We’ve also recently had the good fortune of being selected as a recipient of the Co-op’s community award.

To help raise vital funds toward this cause you need to be Co-op member.  Once you’ve signed up (see coop.co.uk/membership or ask in the shop for an application form) every time you buy selected Co-op products, the appeal receives 1% of what you spend!!  So please sign up, choose our cause and remember to provide your membership details (card or key fob) when paying for your shopping.


Please see our new Facebook site - Woodlesford Primary School PTA for details of our meetings and events.


So if you would like a say in how the money is raised and spent, or want to help in arranging and carrying out events, please come along to a meeting or get in touch via our Facebook site or email: PTA@woodlesford.leeds.sch.uk