Moving to High School


For Information regarding Applying for a Secondary School Place click here. Deadline for applying for a Year 7 place for September 2021 is  31st October.

FAQ when applying for a secondary school place click here

Open Day Information from High Schools - to be confirmed     - Garforth Academy

                                                                       - Rodillian High

                                                                        - Royds Year 5 & Year 6 Open Evening. 


Links with High Schools

The majority of our children transfer to Royds and liaison arrangements are very good. Our children spend time at their new school and parents are invited to visit at any time. Staff from Royds come to our school to staff meetings and work alongside our staff to ensure progression. Students from
Royds School gain work experience over a period by coming back to Woodlesford and work in classes alongside the teacher. 
Rodillian and Brigshaw too have developed clear links with the school and children are invited to drama productions.


All High Schools make equipment etc. available to our school to enhance the curriculum.



Royds High School


The Rodillian Academy


Brigshaw High School


Garforth Academy


Below are some comments from former pupils after they have left Woodlesford and made the transition to High School

Dear Y6. It isn't as scary as you think you know. I have really settled in at Brigshaw and i have made loads of new friends! I still keep in touch with people from primary, but friends I have made here will be friends for life!
There is no need to worry about High school because it is just like primary only you have more teachers names to remember and different rooms for lessons. Faith

This is to all Y6, you will like Brigshaw, everybody makes you feel welcome. You can also go to lunch club, so you can have piece and  quiet away from all the loudness outside. Ethan

Dear Y6. High School is great it feels so grown up. There are so many different clubs to join and really cool lessons, we even have drama lessons.

The teachers are lovely and you make loads of new friends. In the science lab we got to use bunsen burners, fire and microscopes. Lately, I have only got lost once and all the teachers did everything they could
to help me get to my lesson. Luckily my teacher didn't mind at all! Leonie


We grow together, we learn together, we achieve together.