Woodlesford Curriculum Experiences

At Woodlesford we aim to not only educate children and support their academic learning, but we also want to prepare them for the future. We want learning to be real and for pupils to remember their learning experiences. If you would like to find out more about learning in a year group or a particular subject, then please visit the year group padlet or subject padlet where you can find lots more information. Here is just a flavour of what our pupils get up to at Woodlesford

Year 2 History - A visit from a friend of Samuel Pepys

Pupils in LKS2 Making an afternoon tea as part of our Yorkshire topic

Year 5 Raging Rivers - Nell Bank field trip

Year 2 Designing and making sandwiches

Year 4 Invaders - Anglo Saxon houses

Jubilee Celebrations

Year 1 Magnificent monarchs - Pontefract Castle

Year 4 Residential

We grow together, we learn together, we achieve together.