Iterative Testing


We recognise and understand the importance of revisiting previously learnt concepts. 
Teachers look to embed learning through our Quick quiz/Iterative testing approach. In order to develop skills and knowledge, it is important to ensure we look at prior learning and understand any gaps. Our learners understand why they complete these activities and see them as a way of challenging themselves on a regular basis.
We want to improve pupil recall in all aspects of the curriculum as we know that pupils learn by making links to ideas and subjects. 
In the classroom, like in all aspects of life, we shouldn't be entirely unsurprised by our pupil's struggle to recall yesterday’s lesson. Indeed, it’s an inevitable and perfectly natural part of the learning process. Our job is to interrupt this forgetting, by prompting the children to retrieve information from memory. It’s for this reason that, as part of our curriculum design at Woodlesford, we’ve embedded regular quizzes into our curriculum design.
Below are some examples of how we check for embedded knowledge across our curriculum.