School Dress Code 

We believe that the advantages of school uniform far outweigh the disadvantages:

  •          Less ‘competitive clothing’ and upset over who has the best / brightest / newest / most expensive / trainers – it creates an equality and lessens distractions. This can also avoid cases of taunting about clothing.
  •          It creates a sense of belonging and pride about a school and in our case we are very proud of Woodlesford Primary School, all it has done, what it stands for and the opportunities it provides for children.
  •          School uniform need not be expensive – many supermarkets sell items from our uniform at very reasonable prices.
  •             School uniform teaches children about dress code, an important life lesson especially for those approaching high school where schools can insist on really quite strict uniforms  It would be unfair of us to give children too much flexibility with school uniform as it will make the expectations at transition even harder.

There is a colour scheme in operation as regards school dress. This consists of a red top and grey trousers/skirt. A supply of these tops will be kept in school for purchase, but parents are free to buy from any supplier. We must remind you that the wearing of school uniform is entirely voluntary and no pressure whatsoever will be put on children who do not wish to wear it.

General School Uniform


Grey / black trousers / shorts / skirts / pinafore dresses

Plain Red Sweatshirt / fleece with either the school logo or NO logo 

Red or White Polo shirts or white school shirts / blouses

Red Cardigan

Red and White check dresses

Dark coloured ‘sensible’ shoes – Please NOT BRIGHTLY COLOURED TRAINERS

(Whilst we would prefer ‘hoodys’ with school logos to be worn only outside we realise some have just been bought these so they are acceptable.)

Children are asked also to change into suitable clothing for Physical Education.

All children will be given a drawstring bag for their P.E kit.

PE or Sports kit

Children should have the following readily available for sports activities:-

Plain white T-shirt (polo or round neck)

Black shorts (these are worn for PE lessons in the hall) or a red/black leotard,

Pumps or trainers (can be changed into at playtime to avoid shoes getting damaged)

Cold Weather Tracksuit of personal choice (During the year we tend to take the children outside for their weekly games lesson from Year 1 onwards.)


In Key Stage 2 children get the opportunity to go swimming with school. They will require the following:-

  • Towel  
  • Swimming Costume
  • Separate Bag 



The only permitted jewellery is one small stud in each ear, a wrist watch and a medical alert bracelet or necklace. From time to time children may wish to wear a single charity bracelet.

Please can we also request that the bag children use to bring their belongings to school is of a reasonable size, our cloakroom areas are small and large bags make movement in and around them difficult.

Finally please, PLEASE, PLEASE - name every item of clothing and footwear - it really does help us to reunite items with owners!

Thank you for your support.


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