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Y6 visited Eden Camp as part of their World War topic

Had fun at last nights party - kids as usual are amazing - talents stupendous!

Some more photographs from the Y6 team

Another truly amazing day. After another hearty breakfast we set up camp Woody in the the heated barn, which looked fabulous. Due to the deep snow, activities were altered much to the delight of both adults and children. We took to the snow to play, sledge, built sculptures and with the help of staff from Woody and Hawkhirst, the children built an outstanding snow brick igloo. It was big enough to fit half the year group in... Mr Stoneham contemplated sleeping in it... but it was only a contemplation...

We then took to the lounge area with duvets and blankets to have a movie hour which was cut short by a power cut - tea was by romantic candle light.The chilli was a little spicy but all the children had worked up an appetite and wolfed it down.

Unfortunately it was too cold for us to camp in the tents ⛺  booo. But the children got their sleeping bags out and we all had another lovey nights sleep... ready for the day ahead.


Another awesome day.

Your kids are a credit to you all.

We are having a blast and together, we have brought the Woody spirit to Kielder Hawkhurst Scout Camp.

The instructors are astounded by the children’s positive attitude, enthusiasm and pure sense of fun. Also when put to the test by these snowy, cold conditions, all of the kids have shown real grit and determination in not giving up.

Upon waking up this morning, there was doubt as to whether we were going to be able to keep to the planned activities both in the dry and the wet locations. But the Scout activity instructors all assured us that these conditions were mild and that all activities remained safe and suitable.

The 3 different climbing activities went perfectly to plan - so many children conquered fears and pushed themselves beyond their limits.

The wet activities went ahead also and the bell-boating activity proved stupendous in the bright glistening morning light: Snowy shores with a light breeze and blazing sun proved perfect conditions for a race across the lake.

Games of a hide and seek type were played on the shores across the other side and children were enthralled by the winter wonderland’s delights.

In the afternoon all activities went ahead as planned - bird of prey centre for those on dry activities and raft building in the snow for those on wet.

“Raft building,” we hear you cry - “They must be mad!”
Well we ourselves thought so but the Scout leaders had a very clever modification to the rafts which meant there was no chance of a capsize and that all kids were safe and stable on their homemade craft.

Nobody was allowed to jump in the water as happens in other less harsh conditions (this really would have been pushing the limit) and kids returned for hot showers after de-rigging the rafts and putting away all the materials.

Wow - not an east task in the blizzards of the afternoon - a real test of Woody metal and one that the kids passed with flying colours - you would have been proud and surprised by how stoic and intrepid all the children were.

More snow fell throughout late afternoon and also during dinner time; this created a fresh blanket of white for our night orienteering expedition.

On cue, the skies cleared, the moon came out and the forest floor of white lit up in the ghostly light. Still, windless conditions greeted the kids as they searched out the clues in teams of 4 or more.

With adults spread out in specific locations to lend a hand, the explorers found their prey and then headed back for their well deserved night’s rest ready for Wednesday.

Bedtime now ensues.

Mr Stoneham


Some more photographs from the Y6 residential - this time including some from the Bird of Prey Centre.

Visiting the Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield and finding out about mining in the area.

We recently went on a visit to Eden Camp to learn about WW2

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to Armley Mills to sample life as a Victorian school child.

Y6 took part in a 'Egg Challenge' today, using only 20 straws and a metre of masking tape. They were required to protect an egg from a 10 foot drop!