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Year 5 have been enjoying a game of rounders in P.E.

Year 5 enjoyed their Purple Brick Bake Off Day fundraising for the PTA

Another great day in York. The sun was shining in the morning as we walked to the Chocolate Story. Children loved tasting the chocolate, tasting more chocolate, making chocolate lollypops and then buying chocolate!

Then it was all aboard for the train ride to the Railway Museum. We spent the afternoon exploring the Museum. Highlights were the Bullet Train and the simulation ride of The Mallard. All very excited for the Talent Show.

A visit to the Chocolate Story in York 

The sun has shone all day. Had a beautiful walk to Rowntrees. Along Millennium Bridge. Lots of dressing up in the Castle Musuem. They love dressing up this lot.....especially a curly wig. Dancing, flossing and planking in the quiz!! All in bed by 10.30. No tears, nobody waking in the night. What an awesome lot we're all happy smiles. 6 Kindness Awards given out last night. Lots of compliments on our polite well behaved children / staff.

Year 5 visiting the museum after safely negotiating the walls!

Year 5 arrive in York

Year 5 have been learning the Ukele. They have had a great time performing in class

Year 5 have been working on E-Safety this week