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Year 3 had a great time during their visit to Leeds Museum

Year 3 have been concentrating and creating shapes using various materials

A few photographs from our Y3 Egyptian Day

Year 3 have a Victorian Day today,spending time as Victorian children.

3EP recently went on a visit to The Leeds City Museum and looked at Egyptian artefacts.

Year 3 had a visit from Konflux Theatre, where they were taught drama and produced a play which they performed to their Parents / Carers in the afternoon. 'A Play in a Day'

Year 3 have been learning about 'Forces'. They have been using 'push' and 'pull

A recent Christmas Jumper Day saw 3SG getting in to the spirit of Christmas

Y3 have been using their senses in recent PE lessons

3SG have been making paper models of themselves

Year 3 recently held a 'Victorian Day' and all the children and teachers dressed up.

Year 3 recently went on 'Gruffalo' walk by the canal