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Year One had fun on an Autumn Walk. We collected conkers, acorns, seeds, pine cones and apples. We talked about what we could see, hear and smell using describing words. When we got back to school we all had a turn being a colourful Autumn tree. It was a lovely day and we learnt a lot about the seasons.

We have been using our gardening skills to look after our school garden.

We have enjoyed designing and sewing for our topic this term

Year 1 have been making 'Moving Pictures' for our Design Technology project. We push our lever and a toy pops out of the toy box. We hope you like them.

In Y1 for PHSCE we have been learning how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. We used teamwork to make posters showing all the things that help us do this.
In PE we have been learning gymnastic movements and balancing.

1SE had a fantastic day at Ponderosa. We saw reindeer, otters, iguanas and lots more! We had lots of fun in the play barn, a yummy picnic lunch and then a ride on the ponies! We finished the day in the sand pit before heading back to school.

We have worked together in groups to create our own fruit and vegetable faces in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Year One have had a great time practicing their golfing skills in PE. Take a look at our pictures, don't we look like we are having fun?